Four additions to Operation scud proof:
  • Continuing to develop operation scud proof for defense. I am introducing a collaborative effort on the network, to let people begin to interact or otherwise particpate with developing airborne defense. Introduced here are portion of some several thousand movies and photos of the war for the last few years including attacks on the iron horse, ormond, daytona, and other places. This link is several dozen hours of audio discussion over the year and work while developing.
  • 12312020 development next year, progresses into orbital and technical defense from radio or other weapons. Operations are not indicated. The pre work to determine how to use or idenitfy dangerous programs, is found.
  • 12312020 The problems to resolve the landside attack, are ongoing and not named. POlitical and other options are being explored to understand the front lines challenging our teritories.
  • 12312020 See Operation scud proof pre build work. Since these website began, the web presence without the physical assets to intercept, will be termed or referred to as oepration scarecrow. A scarecrow is often used by farmers to scare away birds. OSP volusia in it current level of development is referred to as oepration scarecrow, meaning we intend to intercept or prevent the flights.
  • 12312020 See added operations. Operation Scud proof is now OSP Volsuia, Flagler, Brevard. We will contiue to understand the early problmes of defending our airbrone intercept pilots, support teams, and families part of these oerpations. Operation Water Logged will be built on challenges to understand coastal defense, civilian protection, crime, or war time behaviour. the Operation will be using coast gaurd spotter logs distributed to coastal residents to log (write down) what they see of the atlantic or rivers, and other water frotns where volunteers emerge willing to log naval or airborne actvty they see with pen and camera, tape recorder or. The project is parked at The first oepration for the spotters is specific to warning of incoming chemtrail flights from europe or the africas on internationla flights incoming over the atlantic seas shores.
  • The phone number will be added to call to report these flights. tens years of history have florida police and united states armed forces tape recorded refusing reports, placing informants in mental hospitals or prisons for attempting to file reports on airborne attacks even with weapons proven and filmed in use. Those same officials have consistenly refused to dpely inspection or test teams while targeting the communties to be inducted. Induction is wirelss discharge of energy causing the legs to buzz, person to sleep, bowel disorders, and is often considered like mind control. Please use the tool to discover microave induction on the powerline systems, the weapons depart the average wireless discharge of the electric chair every six months to occupants. This voltage is measureable by our teams and is describe and argued at and SARs. These weapons are maintained by the sheriff departement and assortment of organized crime or domestic and foreign enemy on land line distrbiuted systems. Where supported and deployed by the sheriff department, their is no legal penalty they can give that has not already been dealt for ten years, including penalty of electricution. Keep in mind, police carry on their belts each weapon used during the war on pigs began in 2001; from chemcial mace and airborne weapons support, to tasers and induction weapons on the powerline or telephonic circuits. Our company will be collecting these reports for OSP Volsuia and for other counties, until other competition indicates they will accept reports. This number for quantum bell inc, will be used to report airborne attacks. Our teams will collect the reports, verify the report, and collect roof top samples to track fallout debris from geo engineering, chemtrail, and other cloud making planes.
  • will be used to file webform, and to submit photos, videos, and more informations regarding the complaint of airborne weapons.
  • A distrbuted series of CCTV cameras is to be updated including more than 60 cameras watching the skies of the coast. These cameras are weather cameras, and will be assembled for use in verifying or warning of incoming atlantic sorties supported by domestic enemy.
  • The next section will update historical data sets to be archived. Meaning, records of canister based weapon, airborne weaqpons, roadside weapons, and support local, state or federal officials, including operations to uncover obstruction of justuce and obstruction of territoriy, state, or national defense regarding the well being of the general population form weapons use; including retaliatory actions.
UPDATE A few requirements are going to met soon for this project:
  • The airborne weapons use will be established. I have several hundred movies, about 800 for five years, spanning more than 5 years of timed airborne attacks around the territory. These movies are stored online and will be accessible to the general public soon, substantiating action by this group.
  • The first chemical weapons tests will be put online, spanning from thanksgiving of 2017 when nerve agents type V and G were being found all over the county while we documented a lack of testing and response by officials who jailed us for informing while refusing reports, and further substantiated by collection from rooftops. Testing the last portion of this ten year exercise, obstruction of territory defense by us armed forces and state or county police also proven using weapons on the communities.
  • The acts of airborne assault are correlated across subversive program.
  • Powerline tracking, media, and other methods of tracking have been located and substatiated, including tools for proving influence.
  • These oeprations are complete. and have been moved to historical file.
  • After loctaing powerline weapons that could targt our teams, and understanding how polcie will target us, locating tunnels, bunkers, and other mole lines was completed
  • is the current operations group. We are moving god back to understanding the garden.
  • The intelligence modle for finding the flights and predicting attacks by the united states and foriegn enemy, has shown successful for three years.
  • Operations groups will be moving into the next phase of the conflcit. We have evaluted state wide and across four state for tampering of elections, targeting by airborne wepaons, deployment of tracking and subversive wepaons by sheriffs departments, found targeting of jails and counrt room tampering, and more.
  • Reports testing readiness of the southern armed forces has issued a fail for reliability recognizing clearn and present danger and intercepting acts of war, even where targeting the skies over their own bases. After testing the bases requiring them to file a report internally regarding the flights or the externally intercept the weapon use, the public in each predicted occasion filmed 60 flights without a single intercept in near and over florida military bases. On this day, after five years of tested, the expectation as percentage that florida, alabama, or georgia military will intercept airborne flights at the direction of the united states pentagon, is 0. Meaning for each exercise where we were certain of attack, the bases were contacted. The base flew zero plnes, the public filmed 60 strikes by foriegn enemy at each of ten bases, establishing zero chance of reliable response. We have recorded retaliation from FBI and US Soldiers during these exercises, more than 40 files of officer refusing to accept reports, and the retaliating by hospitaling or jailing informants. The lack of response by us armed forces is backed by southern police escording these flights over our borders.
  • These proofs have been online for 8 years since operation began collecting. They will be organized prior to legal work and intercept oeprations begin.
  • Operations here, do not indicate 2014 prior.
  • I want those person on our team to understand, once we finsih qualifying the armed forces assult on the southern united states, we are about to start a conflict of a war by refusing these weapons target our lands, natural animals and wildlife, and homes. Testing in 2017 was positive for nerve agents in rain water (if you have ever seen a bug twitch after pesticide use, like bugs are falling out of the sky during the war, nerve agents are people pesticide.) using military tests, and because of the dynamic for attacks since oeprations began:
    • We were present at meetings naming SARS virus. our actions attempted to intervene and 160,000 people or more died.
    • We named convina, corona virus. Our actions attempted to intervene, and more than 185,000 people are dead.
    • Tracked swine and bird flus dispursed also by planes
    Please be advised, when HVAC roof top collection for settled airborne debris begins, after substantiating the role of soldiers and polcie for ten years, we will be intruding distributed weapons testing to the general public. Meaning powerline layering by corporations of militant or criminal added signaling from private residence or commerical location, fed onto the common circuit of amplification on florida power, ATT, and other distributed systems (designed to debilitate or kill). What results is war, with our operation a trigger for global conlflict. Meaning, the NERVE agents will be found in the roof top aircondidtioners and the wepaons of any of 800 vedoes and several thousand flights deployed against the coastal region.
  • Please listen to audio indicating further duress, the murder of person helping me stay safe last evening and further the deployment of airborne weapons today requiring we dvise the governor. Actions made under duress of litigation by the opposition are proven further. Sound file scream. While walking away, after being told how communication is achieved, you hear the police kill a person in my cover group. Consent to enforcment is officially refused where perprated by person of authorit threatening life of slef, family, and communty with weapons activily deployed and supported, maintinaed and replaced by those enforcment. The requirement to remove god from the attack is to be met.
  • A free man, the move to american citizen, permits the defense of our lands from enemies domestic and foriegn, indicated by the founding documentation of the united states. We also have god on our team, the united states has their tactical move of removing god from country and calling united states citizens sick, like god. American citizens are not to be called sick, or we will retaliate by targeting the weapons teams, this was the foundations for arguement of sickness. Please evaluate death toll during godshill events, exceeding 320 thousand people proven directly connected to this situaion. Audio files are collected on my phone.
  • before we begin, god is being manuever back to garden.
Job Description: Find and answer wartime messaging, control the direction of events where possible to avoid further harm to communities or towns, travel from town to town or town to city based on intellgience and film weapons flights based in intellgience predictions for next towns to be struck by weapons group airborne, map powerline weapons and udnerstand interaction of local groups or authorities, or complete IA assignments part of civilian requirement to answer conflcit. Track naval, land side and airborne operations, design to work around conflcit from front lines not affilaited with war, collect information, interrogate the problem, assemble defensive action, assemble portfolio of information, provide analysis and response information for town, city, and other officials alledged of higher authority. That response ionformation will incldue the types of weapons use, the distributed nature of weapons or minerals used including side affects, antiodotes, and methods of cleaning, or manuevering fiurther to answer the conflcit. This job does not have lot of input from operations of independent groups that is not collected while reasoning the conflcit. Example, the tactics of officers, state or federal agents, and military divisions is discerned while working. Also, an ability to find and understand issues, and further resolve after fright of discovery, whether or they are really conflcit or not. Example, religious or natural consequences of technology use.

Operation SCUD Proof is noted also at The Government of Florida, check out

Operation SCUD Proof v.001 2019
See the Ex Coalition and learn about Scud Hunter, Bagdad 1991

Operations Begin! December 25th, 2019!
Over 10gb of video and photogrpahy from OSP Recon Operations for flight deliverables!
OSP Volusia Operations are being migrated to FLDOD Click here for updates!

These photos are from the attacks on 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2010. Where was the brave USAF? We now have OSP Volusia. You can see videos and photos of hundreds of sorties of attacks on florida counties and the southern states by new england allies documented by OSP Volusia. Join the Southern Defense effort.

Click here to build your own hardware to monitor this activity. These images were captured by cantenna. Build your own satelitte reconnassaince effort like OSP Volusia. (IA OIG UC)

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Site Response Get Involved Start your own OSP by County

Public notice of intent. Collect proofs, prevent flights. Indicate reasonsing.


Report: Phone number: report trailing planes, unusual clouds, discoloration, pesticide foggers, and weapon usé.
Report: Email pictures, website, camera videos, or post on youtube and we use data if you want to be anonymous report.
Deterrrent: Project in the bag: weapons test litmus papers, self addressed envelope to lab, sterile plastic collection supplies and simple jar.
Deterrent: Collect HVAC roof top samples. (3x Te., test, check.) (Area geography relative to concentrations)
Deterrent: On call sample collections after report or discovery. (Police, state, civilian, mil req)
Deterrent: 1 sample is mailed to us military and given to county lab. (Mail ins from front door distributed testing or collection. Lab technicians. Other submit methods. Build GIS weapons profile for argument at tribunal )
Deterrent and process verification. Two (or more) cctv sky cams. (Web links here with other cameras by civilians)
Intelligence Model: ;
Risk: Intercept escort planes, air raid sirens if plane does not yield to intercept attempt.
Risk: civill or military action vs civilian aircraft SCUD weapon disguise.
After flight intercept: Test hull of planes, fogger trucks, and pump gear.
Correlate to GIS systems geography of fallout and weaons concentrations by county and military identification source of manufacture. If intel returned to public, inform administration as results arrive after each capable flight discovery and analysis. Real time.


  • Unit 1, Daytona International Airport
    700 Catalina Dr, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

    Detail: OSP Volusia, Intercept and Flight inspections domestic and international flights Unit SWABS and weapons tests hull and plane, locates and grounds trailing planes, inspects for pump gear of weapons content, uses series of detterants to refuse the use of SCUD weapons in our skies and along our streets.

  • Unit 2, Ormond municipal airport.
    770 Airport Rd, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

    Detail: OSP Volusia Landing / Observation Site 2, Fallout path 1. This site contains camera for tracking flights incoming over atlantic coast line and could be used for grounding plane in emergency situation. TARMAC inspection will have weapons filte rplaced off site.

  • Cctv cameras for flight verification after call
  • Gis system later SCUD content contractions. Spider ops layer
  • Process TTI (submit data
  • Supply chain logistics, SCUD flights and SCUD trucks
  • Personnel idenitfied from manufacture to dispersal, monies, and target town or county concentrations

  • Integrate with local administration and airports. Process instructions waiting.
  • Operate as "civilian intercept process" first florida airborne defense (old state choreography became offensive vs people with foreign enemy)
  • Understand geography of community deployments and interaction. (Defense for intercept teams)
  • Supports each area defense initiative. (IO)
  • Collect PROOFS of Flight Deliverable contents; SCUD Proof the flights. (compared to water proof, but not water).
  • Adhere No SCUD policy (clouds can not be designed to kill men, insects, animals, or foilage). No excpetions domestic or foriegn.
  • Supports RIB for county defense. (Hardware software discover for effort)
  • Need: Land and naval defense initiative. (County requires intercept and inspection of flights suspected of weapons use and vessels transiting our cov. up to 12 nautical miles or farther based on military signaling or other detection pointed at coast )
  • Requirement: Deter weapons with civilian process.
Scud Proof v1 (onair), Flight Deliverables (OSP Volsuia, Airborne) (This site, activity photo)
Scud Proof v1 (onland), Mosquito Trucks and Weapons Delivery by Land based (OSP Volsuia, Land Based) (this site, activity photo)
(process needed)
Scud Proof v1, Vaccines and Airborne Delivery of H1N1 to h2N5 including mutated swine flu, bird flu, and more.
(Capping, often a cap of anthrax or other agent is added to mosquito trucks. Intel req noted.)
See OPS this year: godshill ; testing into area weapons cover and officer cooperation,
understood well enough we can exploit to advantage of american defense. Complete = yes.
Scud Proof v1, (onsea) Naval Delivery of Weapons.
Testing: Real world MIL understanding and response for leadership found direction for war
as political engineering by mole line recon/subliminal comm. How is it exploited and to what advantage. Appears criminal.
people call it mind control. Governor starts talking outlous about intercepting the geo engineering planes or other conflcit (aka scud planes),
enemy nation subliminal kicks on building wiring and explains not to do it.
Locating networks and coordination find foriegn intellgience situation "handlers." men orchestrating communication among multiple
points of contact in a group while passing a ball (new information) though that structure having pre negotiated the response
by phone line. Proven, America did not attack earth, i found enemy network on copper distrubuted network or other distributed land based systems.

Contact details

Reports: (386) xxx-xxxx (text reports) (text instructions)
Intelligence Method:

Place to store reports or data sent to laboratory.

Audio notes, maps, plans
Drive Access (collaboration.)


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700 Catalina Dr, Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Test Impliment: Florida Department of Defense (FDOD) Intiative v.001
Government of Florida 2019, 2020.
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