Operation SCUD Proof v.001 2019
State of Florida and Government of Florida. See the Ex Coalition and learn about Scud Hunter, Bagdad 1991

Operations Begin! December 25th, 2019!
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These photos are from the attacks on 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2010. Where was the brave USAF? We now have OSP Volusia. You can see videos and photos of hundreds of sorties of attacks on florida counties and the southern states by new england allies documented by OSP Volusia. Join the Southern Defense effort.

Click here to build your own hardware to monitor this activity. These images were captured by cantenna. Build your own satelitte reconnassaince effort like OSP Volusia. (IA OIG UC)

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Site Response Get Involved Start your own OSP by County

Public notice of intent. Collect proofs, prevent flights. Indicate reasonsing.


Report: Phone number: report trailing planes, unusual clouds, discoloration, pesticide foggers, and weapon usé.
Report: Email pictures, website, camera videos, or post on youtube and we use data if you want to be anonymous report.
Deterrrent: Project in the bag: weapons test litmus papers, self addressed envelope to lab, sterile plastic collection supplies and simple jar.
Deterrent: Collect HVAC roof top samples. (3x Te., test, check.) (Area geography relative to concentrations)
Deterrent: On call sample collections after report or discovery. (Police, state, civilian, mil req)
Deterrent: 1 sample is mailed to us military and given to county lab. (Mail ins from front door distributed testing or collection. Lab technicians. Other submit methods. Build GIS weapons profile for argument at tribunal )
Deterrent and process verification. Two (or more) cctv sky cams. (Web links here with other cameras by civilians)
Intelligence Model: administration.governmentofanarch.com/gaia ; www.anark.net/index_3.html
Risk: Intercept escort planes, air raid sirens if plane does not yield to intercept attempt.
Risk: civill or military action vs civilian aircraft SCUD weapon disguise.
After flight intercept: Test hull of planes, fogger trucks, and pump gear.
Correlate to GIS systems geography of fallout and weaons concentrations by county and military identification source of manufacture. If intel returned to public, inform administration as results arrive after each capable flight discovery and analysis. Real time.


  • Unit 1, Daytona International Airport
    700 Catalina Dr, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

    Detail: OSP Volusia, Intercept and Flight inspections domestic and international flights Unit SWABS and weapons tests hull and plane, locates and grounds trailing planes, inspects for pump gear of weapons content, uses series of detterants to refuse the use of SCUD weapons in our skies and along our streets.

  • Unit 2, Ormond municipal airport.
    770 Airport Rd, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

    Detail: OSP Volusia Landing / Observation Site 2, Fallout path 1. This site contains camera for tracking flights incoming over atlantic coast line and could be used for grounding plane in emergency situation. TARMAC inspection will have weapons filte rplaced off site.

  • Cctv cameras for flight verification after call
  • Gis system later SCUD content contractions. Spider ops layer
  • Process TTI (submit data
  • Supply chain logistics, SCUD flights and SCUD trucks
  • Personnel idenitfied from manufacture to dispersal, monies, and target town or county concentrations

  • Integrate with local administration and airports. Process instructions waiting.
  • Operate as "civilian intercept process" first florida airborne defense (old state choreography became offensive vs people with foreign enemy)
  • Understand geography of community deployments and interaction. (Defense for intercept teams)
  • Supports each area defense initiative. (IO)
  • Collect PROOFS of Flight Deliverable contents; SCUD Proof the flights. (compared to water proof, but not water).
  • Adhere No SCUD policy (clouds can not be designed to kill men, insects, animals, or foilage). No excpetions domestic or foriegn.
  • Supports RIB for county defense. (Hardware software discover for effort)
  • Need: Land and naval defense initiative. (County requires intercept and inspection of flights suspected of weapons use and vessels transiting our cov. up to 12 nautical miles or farther based on military signaling or other detection pointed at coast )
  • Requirement: Deter weapons with civilian process.
Contact details

Website: Operationscudproof.marleylabs.net/Index.html
Reports: (386) xxx-xxxx (text reports) (text instructions)
Email: contact@quantumbell.net
Intelligence Method: administration.governmentofanarch.com/gaia

Place to store reports or data sent to laboratory.

Audio notes, maps, plans
Drive Access (collaboration.)


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700 Catalina Dr, Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Test Impliment: Florida Department of Defense (FDOD) Intiative v.001
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