Operation SCUD Proof v.001 2019
State of Florida. See Coalition Scud Hunter, Bagdad 1991

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Project Innovation

This section is used to indicate requirements for technical innovation and use for this project. FL DOD.
  • Airport Runway

    Looking for old clothes dryers. For the airport job, i need these motors with an applied cotton filter. forced air from the tarmac is blown over the filter media, and possibly is color changing. Simialir to note and other sections of this site. When we deply intercept or early detction fans. Donate these parts and help us detect the contents of flights at airports. This can be modified for airborne testing in other locations. need is for airport runways at daytona international where fligths are known to have doped fuel producing spiderweb pattern in the sky when multiple planes take off. this is designed ive built and tested. I use weapons testing paper, lithmus for the filter area and might include small camera to detct debris or color change. filter modification is simialir to paper test for chemical weapons proofs (mask req). the filter should change color if weapons x, y, z is found.
  • Aircraft, Flights

    Looking for processes to inovate cesna hull, to be in the trailing portion of a chemtrail plane or 747 without harming the pilots. We will be using two donted cesna duel or single jet engine craft to intercept the planes.
  • Detection and Process

    Process development, ongoing.

    Notes, in HVAC airdampers. Must be outside exposed, and on rooftop or near ground. Collect slime, debris, or other accessible content across air coils in sample container. Send to lab for toxicology, chemcial weapons analysis, and virus detection.

Contact details

Website: Operationscudproof.marleylabs.net/Index.html
Reports: (386) 316-3586
Email: contact@quantumbell.net
Intelligence Method: administration.governmentofanarch.com/gaia

Place to store reports or data sent to laboratory.

Audio notes, maps, plans
Drive Access (collaboration.)


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