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Call to file a report.

This is neccessary for private unit. Calls to TSA, FAA, and homeland security refused to accept reports and asked the person making the reports to call and report it to the other agency. Calls were made with films and wepaons test in hadn to jacksonville and daytona airports, and the only response came froma flight control tower employee, who took a report. This portion of the service enable a division to collect the reports of SCUD weapons and war time activity inside th eterritoriial united states, and with such intend as to intercepot that use and distribute the data. Where HLS, TSA, and FAA lack process and refuse to accept reports of SCUD weapons, or to transfer that data after collection whether investgationaccepted or not to the state and national airforce. This unit bypasses the weakest link at those divisions refsunoing the dfense of american slkies and reports filed by target vcitizens in one area town or another.

Accept the reports, and offer the 800 or regular number to the state citizens, explain the danger.

Then: Let the complaint submit a report that is validated with photos from phone or cameras, and to give their report.
  • Submit Videos of SCUD Weapons uses
  • Submit Audio Recordings
  • Submit Pictures
  • Post to YouTube
Report triggers Field team sample collection. We also verify where possible calling other flight towers or airports to notify of incoming form our teams and the plane we are chasing. Our men use vendors or service to sample roof top air dampers on building in the report area, to inspect the plane or the truck, and respond to complaints of multiple varieties among other locations including WB reports of toxic corporate activity in the report location and send those samples to reliable weapons testing laboratory. This data is then updated to a Geogrpahic information system (GIS) system (Like google earth layer shwoing roads, the layer indicates addresses and sample types; and is used to track fallout and direction of SCUD flights containined one mineral or another based on detection and concentration. The flight photos, and the flight data observation are added also to GIS by click, and with results for the weapons testing and concentrations. This data is made available for local planners and other men needing it to develop a right response.
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Email to submit photos and videos of scud planes.

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Intelligence Method: administration.governmentofanarch.com/gaia

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