Operation SCUD Proof v.001 2019
Government of Florida

My assigned tri county defense area.

This area will be developed as part of process. results are collected for display on GIS (geogrpahic information system. We can then respond by placing medicine or test units, and intercept capbilities by region or area. (see other processs in development)
  • Volusia; Concentrations of samples collect after flights or during war are stored by address for overview. This helps our teams track fall out. The samples are collected by the assortment of particpating HVAC or airconditioner repair men with access to roof top air conditioning units where these sampekls fomr the planes collect.
  • Flagler; Concentrations of samples collect after flights or during war are stored by address for overview. This helps our teams track fall out. The samples are collected by the assortment of particpating HVAC or airconditioner repair men with access to roof top air conditioning units where these sampekls fomr the planes collect.
  • Brevard; Concentrations of samples collect after flights or during war are stored by address for overview. This helps our teams track fall out. The samples are collected by the assortment of particpating HVAC or airconditioner repair men with access to roof top air conditioning units where these sampekls fomr the planes collect.
Implementing Defense, one piece at a time. This data above is where the work is being complete for the next few months. From documenting tunnels and bunkers, to weapons use that is chemical, biological, radiological, and more... groups of men involved with a mannipulation of media, implants, infrastructure and conflict, and other issues of orchestra or cheogrpahy among theater groups. A terorist often swings at the commtunities and the people, to make thme affraid to go to those places for oe reasons or another. Here we find that the assialants want war, but because no one was fighting, they had to build the counter insurgency, and liek th emiddle east, puppet terrosist are used to destablilize the area or create a conflict by disturbing the nests of men... and In this case, someone alleged domestic defense is terrorism. A proper investigation by techncally competant perosnel, and right information gathering has revealed... a different perspective to work with. And I am moving as fast as i can with the resources i have. A soldiers or warrior swings right back at the weapons, self defense is not a crime, a terrsit swings tfor other reasons.

Documented, films on surface of this area of men on the gound
  • Consistent, incoming fomr europe and africa. These flights arrive from over the atlantic and begin spraying at the beach line as they fly in to th eairports. they land at the airports to deliver passengers, then return their ow nation to be refueled. This tactic is disguise, enbaling the planes to cross international borders without being targted by USARMED forces. They are SCUD missiles. modified to carry passengers and have wings. OSC is also partof this (alternative name of OSP)
  • Consistent, doping of delivery trucks. Mosquito trucks and aiorborne flights. These flights will also be tested. Pesticieds abd pother mineral concentrations can be verified, and the hspitals notified of the type of delivery noted. Example , pesticide posioning requires atropine to help with sickness, so does the use of nerve agents and other minerals. Over sue of these trucks is chemcial wepaons disguised agsin, as routine business.
  • I dont have a lot of money, and someone is robbing my money supply. So i have to work around this while i can and still accomplish OSC ( operation scud proof, volusia). also promsies by the us military and other persons to provide funding have not come through, i do not do business through criminal move company killing my family, the CIA agents from escambia are stealing the money i was promised, and they are using it to build a war. (also, becauser this i online, i dont know how nmany other nations or person are developing this for their counties and nations. providing a defense for the nation, where clear and present danger is shown, is not a crime. (other temas might be using me as distraction. more danger i dont need.) (it is actually men affilaited with the agency, how is this proven, dog fences under their homes have them coordinating with the messaging, rather than listening and fighting the war.) To this day, they have asked no questions. After so many attempts t get the officer to take reports, we have to provide this defense ourselves.

Outdated or depricated inromation sets might still have qualified information, however, I have disabled most of them or created backfire situation and some are abandoned. These are indicated under admistrative areas for other web sections with reasoning. (example, searching he ballot find the EM deployments and technology in place. The idenfication of how it would be used was intervened, and where indcated deprocated, the iformaiton that sirvives the designations are weapons still in place (powerline programs use for psycholgical) or other operations built around existing data sets. (if it says they fixed the elections, that is how its done, go look for it yourself. it is that easy to get started.)

Public notice of intent. Collect proofs, prevent flights. Indicate reasonsing.


::: test implement. (this website and spiderhunter website to be reposted and available.)

Militant Sects

  • These are Sects of people, numbering up to 2 million persons, directly affilaited with any of the weapons deployed. Where afflaited with a movie company, they are consider a teror cell. These sects are considered enemy of the united states of america and government of florida (as defined natural) reasoning weapons use. These sects include men wearing disguises like police, politicians, uniforms, civilan workers, doctors, theologicans, and more. They can be of any color, and oeprate with some agenda that results in the ue of wepaons and acquisition of assets form victims, their familes, towns, and counties. They are not dressed like soleirs of military, and call themselves soldeirs of organized crime. They support the top side oeprations of the war, often displace acquisition for conflcit back to new engalnd, europe, or othe rnations, and oeprate according to some philosophy that supports and egenda of weapons use. Arguing for that wepaons use, or requiring their victims to prove what ius happening. Like they have done to my state of florida. Its not war unless i can prove its war. While film making for crime or war, they move around these cvictgims with some goal of satisfying a judicial arguement fo their sect or national affialition.
  • Since the coup state of lforida bagn in the 1990s, we ghave begun the Government of Florida, and can now oeprate around the coup state officials refusing to invetsigte acts of war or to help th maerican people.

    Intellgience OPS
    • Supply chain logistics. Once a SCUD plane is sighted, what do we know about the airline, the pump gear, pilots, the airports they visited, and the chemcial weapons fill methods for that plane type.
    • Who is supplying the chemcials being used, the manufacturing, the mixing, the transport and delivery of, and for what reasons.
    • Who do th epilots or companies they work for work with regarding that topic of dispursement for the flights. How are they funded.
    • What militaries or countries support those oeprations and who inside each is chemical ali act alike.
    • How do we innovate process of intercept?
    • How many more men, then 100m men in the southern united states, have been sprayed by these teams. And what was sprayed. (chemtrail planes by satelitte (bragging), or the videos and photos we take in each area.)
    • Counter operations propganda campaigns indicate SCUD weapons are contrails, or water vapor mixing, or chemtrails. Identify weapons content, meaning anything included on the flight not neccessary to transport passengers or proper operation of combustion engine on the craft or life support on the airlines like 747, 767, or other pump gear retrofited craft.
    • The proposal for consumer cameras and reports tracking the flights across more than a hundred nations is shown successful. Can we use this data to develop a real time tracking to intercept capability for our intercept planes in the 67 county region. Yes.
    Operation Reqs
    • American Intellgience Sect (Old data)
    • County2County (Soft Siege Intercept and hard siege deterents)
    • Spiderhunter, Discovery of invasive technical insurgency
    • Molehunter, Activity of idenitfying tunnel, cave complex, bunkers, and spies for the anemy flying scud planes and oeprating the microwave agsint our county and people.
    • SCUD Hunter, (non coalition)
    Intellgience Risk
    • As we challenge the trojan horse, the corpoations permitting these wepaons transit will employ provate detctives agsint our teams.
    • They will employ attornies, inevtogots, and and othe rcompliance units of their coirpoations.
    • The natioons they are wiorking with be move men for one reaosn or another.
    • The state and locale men part of these operations could be challenged or might become paranoid it is a wepapon they helped fly
    • Politicans or plcitcal agreemtns and more than domestic intellgience could become involved.
    • As we begin to dispurb the routine business of commercial planes th epapers will indicate our teams are working, and the dnager in increased at our unit
    • If volsuia does not build this operation, and the us airforce continues to fail to show leadership on the issue, our towns and communties could perish from the planned flights. We have little choice but to work.
    • Other possibilities include conflcit challenging conflcit in our skies and working to deter or prevent that activity.
    • Our work will not stop these flights, but we put up a fight. Here is a list of video from youtube posted by residents filming the planes. Next to each nation or state of this world government issue, is the number of videos the website holds of this activity.
    Infrastructure Weapons Safety
    • If you being to experience flash back, lethargy, PTSD, unsual coerscion or harrassment, alleged "mind control," or V2S (voice to skull) you will need to locate the mower on your community or building.
    • A mower is microwave on a wire or a low frequency ELF VLF band.
    • Use these video series to find the mower on your home or business. Theire are over 500 mowers attached to florida power lines. These are used to make a community sick by turning household wioring into microwave signal delivery. These often have cirminal organizations buying the homes or stealing the assets of the war time or litigation and surveillance victims.
    • Use this video made by the lab to see quick 10 minutes presnation of "hot Potato."
    • Use this series to prove the mower on your home or business. And use the tool to locate where it is housed.
    • Follow instruction to idenitify a series of cut ground lines on power poles to locate the other electornic weapons deployment area Two forms of identification include more than cut ground lines, but condition of homes or businesses along that path..
    • If you suspect an implant is being used, you will need to locate an invisible perimeter dog fence inserted under the location attached to computer network, radio system, or telephone system. This include resonant poly filling of teeth or other types including chips. These operate like an invisible perimeter dog fence, with an attached collar that is also wireless. These perimeter fences are ften chicekn wire and high static transformer with AM radio buried in the ground to several feet. These are inserted also with directional drills. This form of geo fencing is used for electornic gang stalking, and is distributed all over our county. It is supported by radio operation feed back loop and often symptoms from stress in one location, re emerge at each other location the result of stress induction or chemtrail poiosning, and is combined with suggestion. (example, when patrick airforce base was targted and sprayed while they watched, the base was shocked by the weapons and electrical current induction. Whatever the condition of those soldiers in the mind, it now re emerges around melbourne, because they encournter other weapons uses os same calibur under the base permiter. Use the tools and map the problem. Seek safety.)
    Media and SCUD News Chemical Weapons Handling, Dismantle, and Identification Methods and Process Intelligence

    The territory data observation, methods and process from intel ops, domestic and international flight reporting systems are combined with local effort for larger extensive effort. this network belowe developed by same grp here, to indicate the need to otherwise track the geo political and geo weapons conflict landscape and response.

    Defense, Territory Intelligence her ewill include warnings

    Companies known to fly against other nations wearing a disguise.
    Example: Emirates Airlines of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Bin Ladin CIA group, consider proofs of war.

    • Indicated here, supply chain logistics. Manufacture of contents for those flights, origin and dispursal areas.
    • Types of flu, biological, radioligical, mineral, chemical or other flight deliverables.
    • flight teams and support teams filling those planes beofre they fly into our country to delivery passengers, and where they go after they leave.
    • Corpoations internal particpation, or support for those weapons flight, like boeing, or airbus, and more.
    • Videos and consequences of delivery oin one nation or another, impact on the areas (what Ap discovers.)

    (How is this affiliated with Spider Operations. Spider Operations is a discoery process for technical insurgency, front line radio deployments, or defense from criminal activty, war crimes, and more.

    and more.

    Public Access, OSP Volusia 2014 - 2019
    • Chemical Weapons Tests positive for Nerve agents type V and G from airborne and roadside trucks or canister placement.
    • Photographs and Movies of more than 400 incidents in Florida Skies (This website personel recon.
    • Photographs and Vidoes by other Florida residents
    Antidotes for Chemical Weapons
    Audio notes, maps, plans
    Drive Access (collaboration.)
    OSP A1 OSP A2 OSP A3


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