Operation SCUD Proof v.001 2019
Government of Florida

Public notice of intent. Collect proofs, prevent flights. Indicate reasonsing. Intent:

test implement. (this website and spiderhunter website to be reposted and available.)

Going to need way to manage independaent civilian operation. issue is, airports do not have the inspection process, or processes to collect and otherwise invetsigate the issue. Develop th eprocess, and offer as service, learn to cooperate with local or regional airports. Flight to be intercepted are non exclusive, meaning we will find domestic and foriegn enemy, on civilan and military aricraft; IF any of them are SCUD planes, chemtrail planes, or etc.

process 1, and process 2
Both research and presented.

--> lead in to mole hunter. Tunnel work and buke rlocations under east coast florida. OP3. avoid trivial ops to inidicate messaging or leave where group has formed to send statement from gulf coast with england or germany and this or othe rnations.

Contact details

Website: Operationscudproof.marleylabs.net/Index.html
Reports: (386) 316-3586
Email: contact@quantumbell.net
Intelligence Method: administration.governmentofanarch.com/gaia

Place to store reports or data sent to laboratory.

Audio notes, maps, plans
Drive Access (collaboration.)


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Test Impliment: Florida Department of Defense (FDOD) Intiative v.001
Government of Florida 2019, 2020