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I spoke with 20 hotels this morning, each have agreed to permit Operation scud proof to work. note alo, across 2 previous test attempts at osp, the county, tsa, and faa has given no resistence to plans to intercept or test the defense and intitiate a response to those wepaons uses. FDLE is the only state unit to rent airport site and begin testing with single engine plkanes for polcie role in flights. OSP will be donated to jet powered cesnas to be used by the team doing the intercepts. baring loss of life and violation of prosperity agreements, i do not expect volsuia to provide mush resitance, if the poeple are not harmed by planes falling out of the sky, or that are escorted the wrong way.

Samples --> stored in hotel room, then ported to storage unit at daytona international, where i begin intercept ops in january.

By days end i will speak with 100 businesses. The county of volusia, when this is complete will no longer enable foriegn chemtrail planes or those domestic to spray and blanket our towns and cities, without report, video observation, and our local operation testing the contents and challenging the flights. We will be called the (first southern airborne??? southenr union of states) tentative)

The businesses are being told we are doing toxicology and weapons spectrum testing, their is no charge to the busines sowner. the data is then processed as planned, and further, for intercept operations. i will be collecting samples form every business.

those sample will be later stored in the storage unit indicated at the website.

the soldier on the line stated on my way here: the united states military has annual enrollment of 1 million soldiers, with annual turnover and replacements, in 25 years of refusing american defense, the DOD has not produced 1 soldier in that quarter centruty to the job michael is doing. i was told to continue.

other indicator
  • i was told the CIA funds ISIS and islamic state. the cia has option to fund a state that is domestic and provides a real territory defense.
  • the cia has an option to defend the pilots dubai india, their own actions as part of the cross, or the defense of the territory of the good south or united states.
  • the cia has the option to pick sides. they can intercept or self enforce, the weapons flights, or choose to become part of the problem when intercept begins.
  • the cia has the option to fund american defens effort, or continue to fund foriegn governments and organizations at war with our country.
  • any soldier of the united states armed forces or citizen can particpate with OSP for the purpose of intercepting the problem.
my operations match those of russian FSB testing in moscow, began last week. i am the only soldier in florida that has not been compromised to fight for europe and the UAE taht has been empowered to fight.

i had to leave the state to provide a legal defense for the territory.

i left testimony at the court house indicating the estate called god, leaving name and rank, i explained separation of church and state, after indicating i had advised in writing the united state presient and florida governonr of the designation made in writing by county personel. When this role is done, attack on god and country and substantiated as planned by DOD and allied personel, i amn required to provide a defense.

--> on to the witch hunt. the business owners are india, russia, uae, south american, and more. some began sending texts. when this contact work is done, othe rintel agencies will have second channel to OSP volsuia website and operation to support the effort made in florida.

... i will be collecting samples from each building in volsuia county, their roof top air conditioners. these will be sent for weapons spectrum and toxicology. the county, state, and federal or foriegn government refuse to acknowlegde, intercept, or advise of contents. independent tests have confirmed 1 in 59 flights contain nerve agent over the county stemming back to thanks giving 2017. operations began today. I will going door to door talking to business owners advising them of the effort for oepration scud proof. i will then seek to collect those smaples.

Problmes of local area

after c25 years , a quarter century of waiting for the state or united states to fight for our country, my gift to the territory i am empowered to create, is that first step of enablement for defense.

sample collected, will later be stored at intercept dveelopment site, daytona international airport. trial run 3 has had me determine the extend of contact and coordination around the events. the rest occurs soon, menaing thes epople will repeat their coreography fomr the tunnel comnplex and top side prior to war. the transition fomr field efforts to other location. OSP is copled withthe witch hunt. the state will pick up OSP and i will complete with hunt (operations divide) after building the foirst effort to collect these smaples prior to 2020. the first result of weapons testing come out that year.