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Delta Force - Scud Hunting - 1991. Background - during the 1991 Gulf War, in response to coalition air strikes against his forces, Saddam Hussein ordered a series of SCUD missile strikes against Israel. While of little military value, these outdated and inaccurate missiles nevertheless had a huge political impact.

Coalition Scud-Hunting in Iraq, 1991 31 and a faster burn-rate for the missile’s fuel, which reduced its in-flight weight, were ingenious but resulted in a weapon that was less accurate and less reliable than the original Soviet model.5 As a result,
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Coalition air and Special Ops units claimed the destruction of over one hundred Scud launchers by the end of the war, and many operational histories repeat the claims of efficient Scud-destruction.
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Dec 08, 2015 · Scud Hunter/Killers of the Persian Gulf War Posted on December 8, 2015 by Ian D'Costa in In History // 0 Comments An A-10 of the 355th Tactical Fighter Squadron during Operation Desert Shield, 1991.