Operation SCUD Proof v.001 2019
State of Florida. See Coalition Scud Hunter, Bagdad 1991

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Public notice of intent. Collect proofs, prevent flights. Indicate reasonsing. Intent:

Quick Notes, August, edit later, just get the details in.

Gas chromograpjy Units for sale
Methods, when the sample \are collected fomr roof tops, what will i do with them while desiging operation scud proof.




These methods are uimnportanrt. Fatre two decades of asking thwe FBI and united state smilitary to test for chemcial wepaons, and after a nerve agent attacks sinece 2016 with positrive type v and g found; leading to missile warning from russia. The area was sprayed while united tsates aremed forces huit syria with 200 cruise missiles for roadside weapons use. we found it in rain water here, testing positive or the results afyter the flights were filmed. the ofifcers refuised reports. did ont send whitesuits. this tri county area does not have military defense that is capable of anything but gun powder defense. they hve their positions, and i have mine.

i do it myself. Im only recently inidctaing how the groups are coordinating arouns these areas. Im seeking allies to help me fight the weapons use and dpelyemtn of wepaons agsint the town. the group seems ot be killing the men who meet me an dget involved to fight this problem.

Quantum bell inc. now has a location to work from for warehouse, that i expecte i will hodl on to for period. The gorup has recently moved the low frequency weaqpons int he tunnel wrok, to uder that location, and placed the ham radio amplifiers on the pwoer line for the location.

Process (TBD)
  • Collect samples fomr roof tops. Use gas chromosgrpahy or spectral analysis. Look for conecnetration and comrpative of weapons on roof tops.
  • Apply the sample data to a mapping program. Indicate by address what is found and concetnration.
  • Track fallout out and symptoms.
  • Use the data. IF FBI or USARMY attempt to shut down intercept attempt. Substatiate the attempts ot interept the flights using the data.
  • Reliability for intercept or test procedures by other men established. in court, the proofs alreayd collected substiate the need for civilian action. (menaiong if the usamry says it is illegla to intercept foriegn chemcial weapons or to question the CIA (the cia are knonw to topple antions, assail leadership, and more. no trust they would not try to hide a weapons use is established.)
  • The data as part of civilan process. (this use here, helps me also solve problems of Targeted indivual forums complaining aout gas. the gas chromosgraphy test unit or other stets insrraments,i can swab walls, vehicles and more. After aksing the FBI for access to the training protfolio middle schoolers can access, was denied. I have to establish this procedure as trila and error, like other processes. (fbi is deep cover. last time i met agent he was full frontal at nasa federal property nude beach. i dont expect they will be coming out of cover when the conflict starts and know they are here somewhere. property should be dedictaed the the united states only president of the us that was a nudist.)
  • This process, helps me track road side uses. Several recent incidents int he last 12 months, a SARIN gas used intallahssee, a cyanide gas canister attack in washgintong dc, and downtown daytona beach, and mutlie idenitfications of nerve agents after the flights. (I can track crimeinal activity, and with rand samples, i can track weapons of war and chemcial wepaons across the tri county area.)
  • This process is combined with spiderhunter, and other activty for tunnel locations, like mole hunter in the area. We can keep accountable a military with hundred billion dollars a year trying to hide that use or otherwsie avoid testing for it, or using it on our state. Its ot that i dont trust them, but i am sorounded by trust violations of electuons and more. and it is improtant we create a REAL deterrant to include accountable testig emthods as par of the collection of samples from HHVAC units looking for more than chemcial wepaons, but also viral, biolgical, and more.
  • Samples sent to th elab by victims found online, or on the interet, and more, would be sampled.
  • The data collected will be made avialable for local leadership and other govenring or vocilan interst, so that we can respond to this use of weapons.
Other weapons built into the program
  • Testing for mafia (massage) television (MTV), implant television.
  • Testing for idenitification of mineral dumped to concetnrations in blood streams of residents. (symptoms correlation)
  • Develop helps to construct a full spectrum laboratory for idenitfy the problems of conflcit, war, or ciminal activity. (example, some of the single engine planes are dropping cups of substance fomr thewinsows onto houses. is it chemcial wepaons like world war 1? i can prove it when thelab is done and by repsoding to residents where the the other agencies will not.
  • I can use this to pruchase the right medicines by area, and to idenify fallour fomr other sprays events or weapons activites in other counties.
Next stpes.
  • Unit is established. I will be fabricating items for sales, and collecting samples, while possibly operating an online buysiness to ear some revenues.
  • This begins this month. When the gas chromography becomes available, i begin testing,. I have contacted the us military chemcal wepaons testing lab, the only lab available on the internet. a extra sample will be mailed to that team whether they want it or not, where heavy concentrations are found. the business will be established as a civlian business, that is limtied in scope, defined, when we are certian we can trust theflights are resolves and the contents are no longer being dumped on the town. indefinite estbalihment of th elabwork and collection for the assmebly of data on this tri county region and weher planes are incoming from africa, euroipe, and new england, as well as doped airports. the units currewnlty involve are a cirminal unit that murders us soldiers. considered unreliable for domestic defense, no informatonc ollected by those teams has been passed to aofficials who can do anything about it... they hide things for organized crime. Liek other issues, i need a way around the problem.
Project correlations
  • Established.
  • After videoing 2 shoulder mout rocket tests... need to find a way to avoid a hit by those rockets when theconflcit starts verse the airborne weapons uses. Thes eplanes have assailed 190 nations of earth, and appear to be combined wit other wepaons uses. The specific parties involved, have all been recovered using videogrpahyof the flights, indicating the airlines that were used for those assults. Like other reqs for data fro pakistan, iraq, and this region... i have to determienthe network myself. this includes recon on payment, supply chain ligitstics, and manufgactiore or transport logitsic for thise wepaons affecting this region.

This Month, August 2019

Operation SCUD Proof

Project success: 9/10/2020 countown from 9/11/2001;
intercepting the war effort on 4 fronts including Navy, Airborne,
Sub Surface, Infrastructure, and Support Organizations.

  • A 800 number will be available for the tri county area. When a resident sees a SCUD weapon used, Via truck or plane, they are asked to call this number. Because the county has sighted trucks from other states spraying our communties with presticides and unknown contents, and the flight contents are not made knonw to the communties or the general population, the area is asked to report each sighting. To photo graph the planes and the trucks, get as many detail;s as is possible, and to report to the 800 number. We will accwept your report, photographs, documentation, and commentary via questionauires on the condition of the communties around you.
  • This number will be advertised in whichever way is avilable including the distribuition among house. (first level of information)
  • We will begin speaking with business owners, to acquire samples of the roof top units as reports come in, or our teams locate these flights.
  • The first layout of securing the county from invasive workers or weapons will be drawn up to incldue tunnels, powerline programs, weapons testing results, and comprimsed officials or oath.
  • Pieces of other projects will be collected. Telescope (astronomy req., helicopter, time project RX, and more.) Is business site eventually housing more than this operation. And will be relocated for more space and air conditioned warehouse space (AC unit is already partially sealed in case direct hit from the planes i am seeking to intercept. I can seal rest of the unit.)

  • Operation Mole Hunter
    • Tunnel networks and bunker locations are being found all over the county of VOlsuia, Flagler, and Brevard. This month the first map is completed of knonw tunnel orother under the soil housing.
    • The search for mole lines continues. A mole line is inserted with a MTBM, it is microtunnel boring machine or mean time between maitenence, directional drill, or aka trenchless trencher machine, and typically from a block away (you never see the guys work beghind tree line or from warehouse, etc.) The line is usually made of poly tubing and a plumbers snake is inserted with various heads or microphones. These might also be made permenent, like vault skimmers or laptop antennas.
    Operation Spider Hunter (Spider OPS)

  • Prior Work Known. Locate one FLorida territory black site operation cooking and interrogating (shake down and bake) (hot potato + shake and bake) residents of the state and affilaited with operations at two local schools.
    including enforcment, foriegn military, or other. Recon their connections.
  • No direct impact on other Spider OPS.

  • Proofs of War

    (fix this process, (tweak as needed) and use work flow charts n stuff to make it easy to navigate by employees)
    • Photos and Videos of more than 400 flights over this community have been documented by this worker, and many more are available. (proof 1)
    • The samples collected from the roof tops will contain trace amounts of nerve agents and other weapons products ormineral products of irratiaed conflcit. These are stored at two sites, and contain ground soil samples for conctration comparison of roof tops to soil permeability. (how long till the chemtraisl reach the water table is how long your county has.) (proof 2)
    • Reports by the laboratory will collected and copied to the TSA and FAA. We are creating the process they do not have to accept reports of weapons use during a time of war for the united states of america. (informing)
    • This work validates further the development to intercept the flights over the area as OSP Volusia. (validation with proofs for continued action)
    • The proofs of war, terrosim, or deliberate pollution validate the process.
    • The prevention of the flights proof the flights for non lethal to any life. (Proof 1.a)
    • The deterrants provided prevent the use of chemical weapons without knonw threat of capable idenitfication and inspection of those craft. (proof 2.a)
    • We development an airborne polcie intercept capability the state does not have and inspect. (If "dirty," proof 3)
    • We assmeble the data collected from each building particpating, and into a GIS system. (This is map like google earth, that indicates the concentrations and types of minerals or weapons found by concentration at each address. this is used to track fallout, the path of planes, and more. (Data creates a deterrent for further application to this area, another proof. (sort of like fire proofing an item)
    • These planes could contain deadly agents any day, and we dont know whats in the alleged safe agents. This process ensures we can defend the town by creating an enforceable (we can phsycially make chase the flights) liability for that action of flights over the tri county area. With present inspection and identification capability known to the public, a militant or crimianl is less likely to abuse the flight deliverables process or to use chemcial weapons from any position including fogger trucks. The county will be able to respond for this and the tri county area.
    This Government of Florida effort to prevent the flights, is dedicated the people, my countrymen, their families and children.

    Deterrent Regional and Global Strategy

    This deterrant is complex and to stay alive. And the methods here should vary. The example is the introduction of hand tool, stimulates economy by more than 1 trillion dollars over next few decades as the microwave units are replaced. This solves a world government problem for artifical energy output and management, resolving the condition of microwave output at some intensity and on more than one continent. This issue is simialir, where if the work is successful, like other nations buy missile from other nations, they will have a process for intercepting these air planes in our skies that they can use, and build of their own requirements. They can understand the defensive measure and might be capable on their own or as a nation, and have support where needed from regularly updated site seeking to understand implemntation process or observing others at work. This is another world government issue, the flights in nations skies. This process contributes.
    • OSP Volusia is operating to secure the skies, with possible competition, of 1 florida county, and could eventually secure the skies across 67 florida counties.
    • OSP Volusia will be expanded to include other states.
    • OSP Volusia will be expanded to other nations, by volunteer or force of limited intercept.
    Defensive, Laboratory Innovation
    • How do I protect the pilots from harm while intercepting a trailing plane.
    • A plane follwoing these other planes might have acollection point for the airborn particulate.
    • What sort of crew warnings or sensors. Can the tarmac sensor be applied to air intake of flight in sky.
    • How do we defend the intercept project.
    • Scud Missiles are tactical chemical weapons product of the soviet union used by men in the middle east. A popular synonym for Scud indicates "cloud, run." The problem here is understanding the disguise of a passenger plane converted to deliver chemcial weapons payloads operating as consumer corporations, with pump gear hidden on the flights or other exploits, delivering weapons during routine business of the airlines from one nation to another.
    • Locating methods of doping fuels with additives as weapons, or injection nozzels using the turbines as dispursement of mixing hardware, and more.
    • Need to innovate the intercept and inspection process for fueselage and other areas. Area methods idenitified,is the aircraft hull and interior passenger, engine, or other locations, including fuel or liquids content verifications.
    Operations Notes
    • I have several phone calls into Isreali and syria chemical weapons antidote suppliers. The medicine I am seeking is for our pilot teams and is called atronpine. Nerve Agents Type V and G were flown over the community while the county and texas sprayed doped pesticide trucks (anthrax.) This medincice is useful for pesticide and nerve agent poisoning and will be used by men on the ground and our OSP pilots chasing usa and foriegn government scud plane weapons flights over our community.
    • I have phone calls into suppliers of test equipment for chemical weapons, nerver and viral agents, biological contamination, and more. This equipment will be used to test the hulls of aircraft and pump trucks oeprated by the middle east war and the county adminsitration.
    Contact details

    Website: Operationscudproof.marleylabs.net/Index.html
    Reports: (386) 316-3586
    Email: contact@quantumbell.net
    Intelligence Method: administration.governmentofanarch.com/gaia

    Place to store reports or data sent to laboratory.

    Audio notes, maps, plans
    Drive Access (collaboration.)
    OSP A1 OSP A2 OSP A3


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