Operation SCUD Proof v.001 2019
Government of Florida

Quantum Bell Inc. ||| Schedule Appointment ||| Earn Money as HVAC and Air Conditioning Service or Vendor

Public notice of intent. Collect proofs, prevent flights. Indicate reasonsing. Earn Money as HVAC and Air Conditioning Service or Vendor:

Earn $10 for collecting a sample and sending it to the lab at each job you do. Indicate the address. collect the sample from the roof top or other units. indicate the address of where it was collected. Send it to the laboratory or bring it to th eoffice to collect payment.

These samples are taken and sent to the weapons testing lab. The results are then confirmed by another laboratory for comarison. A third is stored in safe keeping room. The results are then added to GIS system map with overlay for data. The data is then further used to idenitfy trends where concentrations by address for one mineral or another are idenitfied and then mapped for a macro observation of the situation.

You can volunteer to do this as an HVAC vendor, and make agreement for sample price collection around town by contacting Quantum Bell Inc. offering limited operation design support for OSP Volusia, Flagler, and Brevard.

You can call us at (386) 316-3586

Audio notes, maps, plans
Drive Access (collaboration.)


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